Biofreeze – Cryospray Spray – 16 oz Spray

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Biofreeze – Cryospray Spray – 16 oz Spray Description

The Cryospray™ is the newest way to create a no touch method of application for Biofreeze®.Even though Biofreeze® through any of the applications methods is beneficial for acute pain, the spray is particularly beneficial for acute conditions involving severe muscle spasms of the lower back or acute spasms of the upper back or neck. The application can be applied pre-treatment to acute areas of muscle spasms to allow for a faster relaxation of muscle involvement and better treatment response.The spray is also a convenient application for the patient at home to continue care for these acute conditions. As a spray it also affords the office staff a very hygienic delivery system for applying Biofreeze to the patients. Use BIOFREEZE® to deliver the maximum pain relief your therapy and your patients deserve. Finally, a Spray so effective and advanced, you can offer it to your patients with confidence for convenient at home self-care The Biofreeze® CRYOSPRAY™ is the perfect Blending of Science & Nature.

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