Sosecure Reusable Swim Brief Diaper Adult Sizes

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Sosecure Reusable Swim Brief Diaper Adult Sizes Description

Color:Navy  |  Size:Adult XL 37-40′ Waist Finally… An effective and discreet swimming undergarment for Adults, Teens and Children. Introducing the SOSecure Containment Swim Brief. This unisex undergarment provides superior protection and is very discreet. Incontinence is a common condition.Don’t let it keep you out of the pool. Enjoy life to the fullest! The SOSecure Containment Swim Brief/Diaper/Nappy is a washable undergarment designed for Adults, Teens and Children dealing with incontinence. This product was reviewed by the National Foundation for Continence and selected for their Resource Guide. The garment is designed to be worn next-to-skin under a swim suit. Keep it as snug as possible using the adjustable closures. It is intended for bowel containment, however it will protect a certain amount against urinary leakage. It is extremely important to Measure to choose the correct size! Visit SOSecureProducts website and view the ‘how to measure’ page to determine the correct style/size. If you have any questions or special requirements please contact SOSecureProducts. Discovery Trekking Outfitters is committed to making a difference in the lives of those who require special products. Our SOSecure Containment Swim Brief is considered the best design available, used by Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and caregivers all over the world. Please call for help with sizing 1-877-551-6577

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